Quaker Creek Store is more than just a gourmet Polish delicatessen. We provide custom processing services to local hunters. Please review the following guidelines and contact us for more details.

Cutting Guide:

Basic Cut: Roast / Steaks / Stew / Straight Ground: $130.00


Whole Carcass used for further processing: $50.00


Cape Mount: $45.00

Cap: $10.00

European: $5.00


Removing Anus: $10.00

Guidelines & Pricing for Custom Meat Cutting & Preparation:


• 10 Pound minimum per item


• Tag & License Number must be available upon drop off.


• Meat will NOT be accepted between the hours of 11:30 am - 1:00 pm.


• Absolutely no meat in white or black garbage bags will be accepted. Use clear plastic bags only.


• We reserve the right to refuse or return the meat at any time for any reason.


• Conditions of refusal or return include, but are not limited to: pre-ground meat, freezer burn, fur, dirt, blood stains, age, rancidity and color.  


There will be a $5.00 storage fee for each day that product remains in our coolers and/or freezers, beginning on the third day after initial telephone contact is made. Product left unclaimed 3 weeks after initial telephone contact is made will be discarded. Upon the meat being discarded the customer name will be listed in our file and no future processing will be available to them.




Due to factors beyond our control, we will now be vacuum packaging and freezing all finished products. Vacuum Packaging is the ultimate in freezer packaging. The additional cost of the packaging is reflected in this year's price increase.


Special request sausage prices will be calculated prior to production. Sausages can be made using your own recipes with no guarantee in flavor.


Prices subject to change without notice.

Product Price List for Special Processing:

Venison product will be matched 1 pound to 1 pound brought in.


Breakfast Links: $3.25 per pound


Apple Maple Breakfast Links: $3.75 per pound


Loose Sausage: $2.25 per pound


Straight Ground Venison: $1.75 per pound


Ground w/ trim: $3.00 per pound


Italian Sausage (sweet or hot): $3.00 per pound


Frankfurters (w/ casing): $4.25 per pound


Skinless Hotdogs: $3.25 per pound


Jalapeño Cheddar Frankfurters (w/ casing): $4.75 per pound


Jalapeño Cheddar Skinless Hotdogs: $3.75 per pound


Kielbasy: $4.00 per pound

Pepperoni: $6.00 per pound


Ground Jerky: $8.75 per pound


Whole Muscle Jerky (50% loss in yield): $13.75 per pound


Smoked Whole meats: $2.25 per pound
Note: Less than 10 lbs @ $3.50 per lb


Pastrami: $6.00 per pound


Corned: $2.75 per pound


Meatballs (fully cooked): $3.75 per pound


Bratwurst: $4.00 per pound


Salami: $4.00 per pound


Salami w/ cheese: $4.25 per pound

Pricing Examples:

Kielbasy Yield: You bring in one pound of venison for Kielbasy, we match it with one pound of pork. You will get back 2 pounds of Kielbasy @ $4.00 per pound which equals $8.00.

Jerky Yield: Ten (10) pounds of meat brought in yields five (5) pounds of Jerky @ 8.25 per pound which equals $41.25.

Our recipe for Quaker Creek Store Venison Pierogies was included in an article in Field & Stream.

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